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04 - TSG Group

TSG InnoteQ from Eindhoven has been working within TTD to translate a provisional test set-up for research on cell-cell interaction towards a miniaturized milli-fluidic module (new proof-of-concept model).

It is a mini-factory in the format of a well plate with which Maastricht University can make a step towards user-friendliness and reproducibility of biomolecular tests. To realize this, various 3D printing techniques were used from project partner light Tenco DDM from Genk, Belgium. Apart from the flexibility that this technique offers, geometries are possible that cannot be reached in a conventional manner. On locations within the ‘factory’ where contact with cell material occurs, biocompatible material has been used. At the end of 2018, the first 'Dynamic Inflammation Assay' (as the product is called) was successfully tested for the first time with cell material in Maastricht, on the basis of which some adjustments will be made. Within a building volume of about 1 dm3, 12 micro pumps will eventually send the test fluids through microchannels for imaging and analysis, to ultimately work on predictions in the field of atherosclerosis in humans and as a preventive remedy.

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