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08 - Tenco DDM

After being added as ‘project partner light’ to the TTD consortium, Tenco DDM directly received some new test designs from TSG InnoteQ.

The technologies Tenco DDM carries combined with the materials makes it possible to produce parts in strong, biocompatible plastic which can be designed and produced for both prototyping and end-use.  Tenco created parts that can only be produced using additive manufacturing such as the reservoirs and the waste couplers of the first version of the new proof-of-concept model of the ‘Dynamic Inflammation Assay’.

It took a few tests to get the narrow tolerances in place but the prototypes produced have proven their value.  TSG InnoteQ was able to assemble a first new proof-of-concept model which will now be tested at UM and according to the hands-on experience, modifications will be executed.  This model makes it possible to test the design even using the real end products.

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